ktMINE provides applications and data services backed by global, analyst-reviewed data to drive your strategy. What I did: Visual Design + full build out & launch.

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The Challenge

This client was relatively clear in communicating their desires from a requirement & UX UI strategy; challenges we faced were coming up on bottle-necks when it came to working with a mass of new content. The stakeholder's were delicate on this and from a visual standpoint we needed to ensure the site felt visually in line with the company & the feel they wanted to deliver. We used reference research and color style guides to hone in on the best display.

The Design Process.

Visual Design- Creating a suitable color scheme or incorporating the client’s color scheme into the design. Coding the site’s navigation. Designing buttons and other controls for the site. Creating mock-ups of the site for the client’s approval. Fixing any functionality issues, including the removal of “dead links”. Updating and maintaining the site. Making backup files of the site

Following Build Out -

Developing wireframes into real pages on the staging environment to view the draft up to its final rendition. First presentation at a later determined date - followed by 2 rounds of revisions. (limit two rounds of revisions) Web design and web development on WordPress platform and functionality is limited to WordPress plugins; mobile responsiveness *to be done after site has final approval*, test forms, test payments, test product purchasing.

Full Visual design + Full development + Mobile Optimization + Launch