A law firm with a splash of tech. Multipage complete redesign & integration of custom portals & gateways. What I did: Sitemap, Wireframes, Buildout Worked within a design system set with style guides.

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The Challenge

This client was relatively clear in communicating their desires from a UX UI strategy, however, the challenges we faced were coming up on bottle-necks when it came to receiving content. To facilitate the process - we went into the nitty gritty and were able to use UX research and strategize that the client's target stakeholders would likely prefer shorter text. Through this we came up with ideal word counts to not only help the client, but we also benefit from having clearer and more concise messaging as it created a better experience.

The Design Process.

Initial UX

Sitemap - establishing the exact pages that are to be built for the site; both unique pages as well as any templatized pages. A kind of table of contents outlining what pages relate to which content on a website. A sitemap allows users to see the layout of your pages and the order of their hierarchy.

Wire-framing - grey and white simplistic renderings of *unique pages on the site to ensure all content is laid out well and also accounted for. At the design stage, a wireframe allows designers to locate the make-up of the website, where to put what buttons, what colors to use, how the user will interact with content (UX or UI) and how the interface might work.

Following Build Out -

Developing wireframes into real pages on the staging environment to view the draft up to its final rendition. First presentation at a later determined date - followed by 2 rounds of revisions. (limit two rounds of revisions) Web design and web development on WordPress platform and functionality is limited to WordPress plugins; mobile responsiveness *to be done after site has final approval*, test forms, test payments, test product purchasing.

Full width + Mobile. Fully responsive.