BioSphere Plastics


At a high level, the project began with research to find out who the target audiences are, and what information they need & want the most. Following the research phase, we began to draw up low-fidelity sitemap to identify how many pages the new website will need, as well as whether or not any existing content is useful to keep.

Once aligned with the client, the project is now in the wireframe stage. At this point, designs are created for each individual page as can be seen below.

Once all pages have a low-fidelity design, and the client is onboard with designs, the project moves onto high-fidelity designs. This is where things like colors, images, typography, etc begin to be populated and the website comes to life. Things like page content (writing), and images are crucial to this portion of the site and often cause a momentum decrease.

When high-fidelity designs are finalized, the project begins to be built out by a developer. At this point, there is a staging server in which the site is carried out so that we can review pages as well as functionality. Many other aspects of the site come to fruition here, such as page slugs (what the URLs are for pages like, linking to/from pages, website functionality (forms), etc.

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