Hey 👋🏻, I'm Abel —
I design goal & research-driven products.

I have 8 years of experience designing high-quality digital products that help your business thrive.
Project: BioSphere Plastics | What I did: Research, UX Design
I perform thorough analysis — offering the most effective solutions.
About me
Stakeholder Interviews
Talking with the folks who matter the most to your business. Ask questions like: what do you look for first? Is anything missing? What works well currently?
Competitor Analysis
Finding the strengths and weaknesses in your competitors’ products. Discover what users like best for the industry.
Quantitative Research
Test theories about people's behaviors and attitudes based on numerical and statistical evidence. Things like analytics from Google; how often people search for certain terms.
Qualitative Research
Focus on understanding the why, as in, why users behave the way they do or why they need or want a certain product to work in a particular way.

Designing with all your goals in mind

I have a strong skillset in executing the UX & UI processes in a project. The work I do means understanding your business & industry, researching best practices and asking questions to know what your customers/audience need from your website. From content creation to low/high fidelity design, I develop a unique strategy that helps your business succeed.

The key steps to informed & data-backed design. Smarter product for proper growth.

Product Definition
Value proposition discovery: thinking about the key aspects and value propositions of the product: what it is, who will use it, and why they will use it.
Product Research
Individual detailed interviews: acquire qualitative & quantitative data about the target audience & in addition, competitor research.
Research Analysis
Analyze research into buckets by creating user personas. Prioritize features with a MoSCoW analysis to ensure priorities are in order.
Informed Design
Infuse research by creating solutions tailored to solve painpoints. Start with content, create sitemap, & move into wireframing.

Kind words from my colleague

"Abel is an extremely talented UX & UI designer and developer. He is a great team player who loves to solve problems and help out others. A unique blend of skills, with the creativity of a designer and the technical knowledge of a developer."
Jeremy Cookson
Sr. UI Designer, Logical Media Group
technical skills

I work with all the best design tools.

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