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JK Haley & Associates is a Chicago, Illinois-based independent employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm that provides risk management solutions and consultation to a wide variety of industries. What I did: Visual design + mockups + full build out & launch.


Our client initially tasked us with:

  • Update design and build brand recognition.
  • Improve product browsing and navigation.
  • Increase cross-sell of products and services.

Initial Discovery

Gathering user data

During our first meeting with the client, we gathered as much data available in order to identify the target user audience's needs and wants.

Key Research Insights

With a diverse and competitive market, how does JKHaley stand out in a crowded space? How can the product browsing and site navigation be improved? With a huge range of products and services, how can we make it easier for clients to find what they're looking for?


With different apps and service categories, a total site architecture overhaul was needed. Since the site was so large, our team decided that a system of modular block templates would be needed to cover all types of page layouts. We grouped pages together based on similar content quantity and from there, broke down each group into smaller block types.

Our Solution

Working closely with in-house designers and the management team at ktMine, we applied branding, photography, and graphic elements to the initial wireframes. After we finalized the high fidelity mockup, a custom site and page templates were built with the help of an outside development agency.

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